Wildflowers re-up - Tom Petty

Creating this was a bit of healing for me. I take losing heroes pretty hard. On the morning of October 2, I posted Yer So Bad. It was later that day that I heard that Tom Petty had died. As it turned out, he had not died, but was dying and had left us by the next day. It took me a bit to look through requests, and I found the @JaseOwen request for this song. I was not real familiar with it, but I really liked the minimalist approach that Tom Petty took with this song. To make it easier to play, I added some additional bass and drum cues.

This uses the new NP Flute & Piano kit that I just posted.

Package includes: .sng; my original mid (note that the parts are already transposed for the NP Flute & Piano kit); midi OPBkf; and chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

RIP Tom - You belong among the Wildflowers.

Download Here