Will a Digitech FS3X footswitch work with the Beatbuddy?

Hey all,
I have a Digitech footswitch and wondering if it is compatible and works with the Beatbuddy. If so, any tips on how to go about configuring it to work like the Beatbuddy footswitch? The same process?


Thx, I did see that post but have no clue what it means!

It’s the result of searching for Digitech FS3X and the resulting links reflect what other users had to say about whether or not the FS3X works or not.

Most times it’s a lot quicker and efficient to search this forum before posting a question other users may have already answered :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey Doug,

Yes it works, but you have to configure it in the footswitch detection settings. Make sure you have a TRS, i.e. stereo cable plugged into the FSX3 and the the BB. The FS3x is monetary switch. it will function like the BB extension switch, meaning, only two of the three button will do anything.

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Thx Phil, good to know and thx for the feedback in plain English :). Hey Persist, I did do a search and found that post but my point was I did not understand the “jargon”. Ia also did an online search for answers including YouTube. I hear you though.

It looks like the 3rd switch on the FSX3 will do both pause and accent