Will BB Manager NOT work with older MAC OS?

Having trouble importing Groove Monkee Blues and Country Beats Keep getting error message “not a portable file format”. I just read in the BB Manager Tutorial that MAC OS 10.9.5 was the minimum requirement.

My older iMac is running OS 10.7.5, which is optimal for the age of my Mac, so upgrading my OS is not an option… Does this mean I can NOT import any new midi beats and would be forever locked in to the Songs/Beats that are already in the Beatbuddy?

According to https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5305138, you can install Windows XP to the part of your Mac drive. Doing this will definitely allow you to manage your pedal content without issues.

The lowest version I personally tested is Mac 10.9.5. I was unable to find prior Mac machines for testing purposes.

As far as I know, supporting old platforms is not very high on the priority list atm.