Will Midi Maestro Android app work on a google android laptop?

I need a keyboard to do this kind of stuff. Finger scrolling drives me nuts. Any thoughts? “sure, why not?” is a valid answer also.

Hmmmm… An Android app running on an Android. Sounds like a definite yes to me.

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HAHAHAA i know. right? I’m not familiar w/ the andriod ecosystem if there’s rogue implementations, etc., other than my wife’s phone is a POS in my opinion.
That being said, here’s a list of google chromebooks that official support the apps. (apparently some don’t)
Chromebooks that support Android Apps


unfortunately I do not believe it is supported,

Thanks for the question!

Well THAT was unexpected. Maybe you should just get a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet.

Yeah right. You never know.

The only reason I only say no is because we did not test it or build it to be compatible, if you have a device you are free to try it out and let us know how it goes, however.

I get it 100%… That’s why I asked.

You can run the app on, a pc with some app like apowersoft (payed) for tablet and smartphones or a free one ONLY FOR SMARTPHONES https://github.com/Genymobile/scrcpy/releases/tag/v1.3
connect a USb and it work on pc. you need to launch both

Will absolutely try this. Thank you.

This is the free app how it works(only with PHONES , but is with the firehawk
Will work the same way for the Maestro app