WIll the Aeros auto-start record, auto punch-out and auto-transition using BeatBuddy as the Master


I have a Beat Buddy and am looking for a looper solution with at least tap dancing as possible that I can use live. All I do is regular guitar verse/chorus songs with some overdubs.

I recently bought a Pigtronix Infinity which is no good cos of all the tap dancing

So can the Aeros do this

  1. Beat buddy starts and you can then set Aeros to autorecord after a predefined no. of measures
  2. You can set it to just record one measure and then it automatically punches out and plays (but you can still overdub if required)
  3. BB transitions trigger switching to next part (Pretty sure you can do this as seen it mentioned)

If this’ all possible then I won’t need to touch the Aeros, the BB will automatically trigger everything (Apart from overdubs I guess)


  1. Can you set it so precorded tracks play through the aux (don’t want those going through the guitar amp)
  2. Will it capable of doing this reliably ‘live’, nothing else, just this, nothing complex just simple sync with the BB as described. Doesn’t matter if all the complex stuff I’ve read about isn’t reliable.

I’d love to hear from some users aa well as SS staff, and if it’s a positive I’ll definitely be getting one.


Masten :slight_smile:

Hey there!

I am from the SS team and will be glad to contribute here.

  1. Yes, the BeatBuddy sends the start message to the Aeros. You can set the Aeros—in it’s global main menu settings—to respond to the MIDI Start command either by recording and playing back, recording only, or playing back only. You can also set each song to count in up to 3 measures before the Aeros starts recording after receiving Start command.

  2. It doesn’t automatically set loop lengths yet, but, you can make a loop any length you’d like. If using the current beta (which will be live for WiFi download directly to the Aeros very soon) you can set it to synchronize the lengths of tracks based on the current longest track in a song part. The length rules always allow for a 1 measure loop. The Aeros responds to messages best when they are sent before the next measure.

  3. Yep BB sends transition messages to the Aeros, in 2x2 mode (2 tracks in each of 2 song parts) the transition happens automatically to the next song part. In 6x6 (6 tracks in each of 6 song parts) you must first select the part you want to switch to, then enact the transition on the BB.

  4. It depends where the pre-recorded tracks are, if they are from an external playback device, like a phone or mp3 player, then they could be routed into the Aux in and you can set the Aux in to only route to the Aeros’s Aux Out. If you mean internally recorded tracks, the Aeros can’t route individual tracks to different outputs yet. All loop-playback will have to be routed to one or both outputs. You can, however, split the main thru signal and the loop playback to have the loops playback from a different output from the live main input signal.

  5. It is a reliable machine, the BB and Aeros were made for one another :revolving_hearts:

Hi Brennan

Ok thanks great stuff. Just to clarify

  1. Yeah I get that (If you record 1 measure for loop 1, when you record loop 2 it will automatically end at the end of 1 measure) but will there ever be an option to set the loop length per song so you never have to punch out on your first loop, it just does it automatically. This would be so useful.

  2. Yeah I’m talking about pre-recorded tracks on the device.
    “You can, however, split the main thru signal and the loop playback to have the loops playback from a different output from the live main input signal”
    So yeah you can have the pre-recorded tracks (summed not separate tracks) route separately through the aux out right?

Few more questions

  • Can you set it to go straight from record to overdub?
  • If you don’t have any prerecorded tracks, do you have to create ‘songs’, or ( using it with a BeatBuddy) can you just turn on and go?
  • As I see it I would never have to touch the Aeros (just use BB to control everything) except for overdubs. The main problem with all loopers imo though is trying to find a little button while playing live (very hard) so would it be possible to connect something like this:
    and assign that to an aeros footswitch. It looks like you can’t except by using a midiconverter then plugging it into midi-in, or would there be an easier way?


Masten :slight_smile:


Yep, you can route the Aux In to only the Aux out via the global settings menu.

The easiest way to do this is hit play, then hit overdub before the next measure. If you have sync track on this can be easier because you will have more time than a measure (usually, depends on scenario and longest track length in the part) to enact the two commands.

The Aeros was made to create everything on-the-fly, there is no need for pre-recorded material to start looping. Songs are auto created, but there’s no rule for saving them, you could clear the song every time you use it to start anew.

There isn’t a footswitch option for the Aeros, no. We will, however, be mapping the Aeros to respond to MIDI commands (1-2mos) in a FW update. This will be controllable by a MIDI controller, like our MIDI Maestro foot controller.

Let me know if you have any other questions!