Will there be a midi file size limit?


Hi Everyone - Hoping to use Beat Buddy to play long form drum midi files created in Band in a Box.

Will there be any midi file size limits?

Fun ahead, and many thanks for a fine instrument.

  • Bob

B in a B songs can contain the intro, main beat, chorus beat, fills, and outro. You could cut and save them individually from the B in a B midi export and have the required pieces for BeatBuddy. I used 8 measures each for main and chorus beats.


This is absolutely correct, and even more - you will need to split your huge MIDI into separate MIDI sections for each song part and transition/fills.

As far as the question goes - I doubt any legitimate MIDI file will ever be rejected by BeatBuddy due to the size. Something like 8-10 hours of completely different drum sets looped in one track? C’mon, it’s simply not feasible.


Thanks for responses - some fun experimentation ahead.


Currently the limit is 500 notes per MIDI file.


David - Many thanks and congratulations - BB is a great device based on my experiences with drum machines dating back to the 1980s (Roland R-8, circa 1989).

The 500 midi note limit should be OK for the jazz standards and originals that I’m doing so long as I have ready access to segments corresponding to song parts such as tunes simply structured as AABA; and hopefully for more complex/long form tunes like “Begin the Beguine” (A-A-B-A-C1-C2) or “Lush Life” (A-A-B-C1-C2).

I envision some interesting improvisational possibilities with Beat Buddy.

As Dizzy Gillespie remarked: “rhythm is king”.

Keep up the fine work!

Fun ahead.

Gratefully, Bob


Thank you Bob! Really appreciate it!!!