Willin' re-up - Little Feat

Uses NP Big BOSE Jazz Trio.

Includes: source midi, .sng, midi OPBk part, chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

This follows the Little Feat arrangement, verse, chorus, inst verse, verse, chorus.

Download Here

Hi. I’d like to do this song without the one play. What are your suggestions for the pause before the “weed whites and wine” part?

Do you want it split right before that, and then pick it back up after you pause to sing the line?

Thanks for answering Phil. I play with a guitarist who does a lot of soloing. The one play songs don’t work well because of extended soloing or lack of soloing! So with the song Willin, before the “weed whites and wine” there’s a pause. I’m not sure what the timing is. When I play it live I watch the guitarist and proceed.

Ok. I get it. So, on the word “Me” (and if you give me), you are at the end of a measure. I believe “me” actually starts on the 2nd half of the 3rd beat, and carries to the 4th beat. Then, there is the pause. This can be up to one full measures. You could use a ride cymbal roll to cue “weed” which starts the next measure, and occupies 2 beats. “white” is beat 3, the word “and” is beat 4. Wine starts the next measure.