Windows 8.1 - Beat Buddy manager not working properly.

I’ve owned a Beat Buddy since last year. I was using it through Windows 7 with no issues. I recently purchased a new computer with Windows 8.1 on it. The Beat Buddy manager installed and loaded without issue, however I am unable to export new drum beats to the pedal. I also can’t see what is currently available on it. I connected it to my Windows 7 PC and everything loaded without issue, I have also upgraded the firmware to the latest version on here.
Is Windows 8+ support in the future for the pedal?

There shouldn’t be any issues with Windows 8.1 and the BeatBuddy Manager. Is your current project linked to your SD card?

So here is what I have done. Re-installed the Beat Buddy Manager on both the windows 8.1 and windows 7 pc’s. Plugged in the BeatBuddy, on windows 8.1 it connects, but the manager is empty. On windows 7 it connects and loads up all the drumsets and settings on the manager. o_O

Have you opened the project from the pedal (I still prefer the term imported)? Or if you made a backup of your BB “WORKSPACE” then you can point the manager software to it.

On Windows 8.1 : File > Open Project – click on the removable drive (assuming that the SD card is inserted in your computer, which it should be, or BeatBuddy connected via USB with the SD card in it, same thing), then save and link it. You have no project opened there, and possibly not on your computer either, for some reason…

On Windows 7: File > Export > Project to SD Card – click on the removable drive. Link it.

Let us know how it all progresses! :slight_smile: