Windows equivalent to Quantiloop or looper that will sync to Beat Buddy

I’ve been enjoying using Beatbuddy and Quanitloop using my iPad as the UI front end. Current setup is I’m using the Behringer FCB1010 floorboard to trigger BB, as well as trigger looping commands in Quantiloop. My midi signal chain is Floorboard > BB > Behringer UMC 404 audio interface. Interface is connected to my iPad Pro. I’d love to implement such a smooth flow with my interface connected to my PC running Amplitube. The looper in Amplitube is pretty light. I need a looper that will sync with BB, receive midi clock for tempo, as well as to quantize loops. Is there looper software for windows that will do this? I’ve been looking around and I’ve seen recommendations to use Ableton or other DAW looper functionality. Also found a website that gives directions on installing an iOS emulator on the PC then somehow installing Quantiloop within the emulator. Has anyone tried that? If so, can it still send/receive mid commands from the BB?

Not sure you’re going to find a PC looper quite as good as Quantiloop.

You might have checked out this link Looper Software - an Alternative to Hardware?. Although Mobius does not appear to have been updated, it might work on your PC.

I tried Mobius on the Mac and found it a little too wonky. Decided to go the hardware looper route instead.

You also might be able to run QL in a virtual macOS session on your PC.

Let us know what you end up with and how it works for you.

Thank you. This is extremely helpful. I’ll look into it and report back.

Another thing I’m looking into, not sure if it’s doable, is to see if I can use my iPad with Quantiloop and it’s own audio interface like a stand alone pedal, somehow connecting the output to my Audio Interface for recording into my PC DAW. Not sure if that’s even possible, because it seems like I’d need stereo inputs and outputs like my Pigtronix Infinity looper had. I suppose I’d probably need to purchase a separate 2 in 2 out audio interface, taking audio from the insert jacks on the back of my Behringer PC interface, that audio going into channel 2 and channel 2 of the iPad interface, then sending the output back to the inserts of my Behringer interface. I’d also need midi connectivity to my iPad as well as my PC so that sounds like it’s own challenge. More fun tinkering :slight_smile: