Wireless Midi to Onsong - How to Midi to Ditto X4?

If I’m going to be able to use my BB live, I need an easy way to choose songs since we don’t stick to a set list in my duo. OnSong seems like a good way to do that. Using wireless midi seems like a good way to hook up the ipad. BUT, I also loop and would need the BB to act as a master to a Ditto X4 to keep them in sync. WIth the wireless midi taking up the BB cable and no midi through, how could I make the setup work?


The BB does have software selectable midi thru and midi merge. You can set it up in the settings/midi settings/midi-out.

I mean physically how do you do it? The midi breakout cable only has midi in and out. No through. I’d use the in and out for the wireless to go to the iPad for Onsong.


something like a Midi Thru box ?

I think there are a few. You might need 2 - 1 for in 1 for out

I see someone’s already done something like this

I do this and the BB is able to power the Yamaha MD-BT101.

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Once you’ve set the MIDI merge in the settings, the same midi out cable functions as midi merge. Same for midi thru. No headaches it works great.

Once you’ve connected the wireless midi to the beatbuddy breakout cable you can’t physically connect another device to the beatbuddy for midi thru or merge to work, I think is the point. Or have you found another way?

Or perhaps you can connect BB midi in to the wireless, BB midi out to the ditto midi in. Ditto midi out to the wireless?

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That would be nice.