Wireless Midi Workaround for MM using Helix?

Hi - trying to get onsong to control beat buddy pull up a song at the right tempo, but using BB with MM and Aeros.

I was told by SS that MM cannot handle bluetooth midi commands yet. I thought I saw a user who was running the bluetooth midi connection to his helix/hx stomp, and using the midi out from there to send the midi signal to the MM (which would then pass along to BB).

seems like a great idea, but it’s not working…yet… any help would be much appreciated!

FWIW… since I am able to do this via wireless midi DIRECT to BB, it seems that going through another midi connection before the MM does NOT solve the problem of MM not dealing with bluetooth midi well… maybe I just need a wired midi connection to the ipad… has anybody found a good one of these?

(in a perfect world the ipad midi adapter would still allow use of audio out and charging the ipad)



There are a number of devices that convert a wired midi plug to wireless. Widi Jack is one of them that I very small.

i have one of those… the problem is that the MM doesn’t like wireless midi , so i thought that using the wireless to control something else, then going to MM would solve that issue, but it doesn’t… I’ve ordered hard-wired adapter for the ipad now and hoping that will allow me to send midi change info to BB via the MM from onsong.

That’s surprising!

That’s what I thought
I never knew there was a difference, but program changes work fine for wireless midi direct to BB. Some do work via MM, but most don’t (some of the BB folders -I think it was 1-8- will respond,but most won’t)

Not sure if this will help the OP’s situation, but I have been experimenting with communicating with a Kemper using the MM through BLE to a XVive MD1 wireless midi system:


It seems to work very well so far, and will actually be quite the game changer once the Custom mode in the MM is fully implemented. However I haven’t completed the project yet. I can confirm the MM connects to the MD1 through BLE easily and works as it should.