Wiring diagram for midi sync cable


Can anyone help me out with a wiring diagram for the midi sync cable?

I am using my BeatBuddy with a Pigtronix Infinity Looper and the standard sync cable (pictured below) is a splitter.

I want to make up a cable similar to this but with a PS2 jack to a single 5-pin male jack.

Thank you in advance!



Hi AxelSchweiss,

Thank you very much! I have a diagram for the BeatBuddy splitter cable as below:

The only difference between your diagram and the one I have is that the no.6 pin (on the mini-midi connector) to the no.3 pin (on the MIDI OUT connector) is missing in your diagram.

Is that connection not needed?

Thanks again!

As far as I know, my selfmade connector didn`t have the pin3/pin6 (GND) connection, but I might be wrong. Was a long time gone since I solder it. Mine works perfekt between BB and Infinity (both at the same power-supply).

Take a look at this:

You’ve been very helpful AxelSchweiss. Thank you!
ps. Your English is great too!