Wish List

· Options for ritardando endings
· Set individual song volume levels
· Visual metronome for BB Manager runs before song starts (like the pedal)
· Adjust BBM demo playback tempo by entering numerical bpm (slider is hard to use)
· Congas drum beats package (maybe a Congas drum set, too?)
· External battery pack for pedal available in online store
· Power supply available in online store

It’s relatively easy to make your own battery pack for the BB

  1. External phone or iPad charger/battery the higher th M/ah the longer it lasts
  2. 5 Volt to 9volt USB to pedal lead
  3. Polarity converter cable

Simples see image
all easily available on Amazon and such like stores
I have adapted my whole guitar pedal board to run from 2 battery units even the 12 volt pedals using A 5 volt to 12 volt adaptor