Wishlist - IOS connectivity for Aeros

This may be a lofty wish. I’m just getting into my Aeros Looper, and I can foresee stage issues with the number of screens and settings that require reading the screen, or seem like they’d be tricky to manage live, while standing.

Seeing how there’s wireless connectivity for updates, etc - how much of a stretch would it be to be able to connect to an Ipad, similar to a digital mixer? This way you could see the interface/touch screen options, select songs, etc from there, without having to bend over to the floor to manipulate between songs.

I’m no techie, but at first glance it seems like it has many of the components that could make that possible.




Any plans on bringing either a desktop or mobile app into the picture?

Seems like it could be done with TouchOSC once we have a set of midi commands. The issue would be whether the Aeros would handle midi over bluetooth or, would a separate bluetooth adapter be needed.