Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman.
This is a slight rework of a version downloaded from the user forum.
Outro reworked 2/26/2021

I replaced the Bass Kick & Snare with Toms in the Intro, Bridge, & last Chorus.
Key Gm and Am

Suggested kit

  • Rock_V2_Bass_62_91
  • alt. Any Drum Kit with Bass Guitar notes in the 62 to 91 range.
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Really cool!!! Can’t wait to try it!!! Thanks!

wow, you almost got this perfect. much better than the original version on here. but this one still has a couple extra measures just before the outro solo. i would try to fix it myself but not exactly sure how. is it possible to edit the .sng file or do you have to edit the .midi file first??

You can edit the midi file to suit with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. Then import it into the Beatbuddy Manager software. Then export that as a *.sng file.

Please try this version. Thanks for pointing out the extra measures.

Touche!! Perfect. been waitin for this for 3 years :slight_smile: