With Apologies ---- LITTLE WILLY (SWEET - OPB) 2 versions

With apologies to you all … but I had to do this for my 5 yr old grandson who’s in love with the tune (its an earworm). Two versions, CAPO 2 like the recording, and no capo (easier to sing). Now I have to admit, I played this for a few “adults” last night … they all loved it and all knew the words… cant account for taste i guess!

LITTLE WILLY.zip (60.2 KB)

Phil, I’m not sure exactly how to go about saying this, so direct and to the point it shall be.

You, Sir, are a complete ass for posting that video, and I’m one for clicking it, and an even worse one for watching the entire video.

I see that it says “With Apologies”, but is honestly not near good enough.

I have had this song in my head for 2 days now with no signs of letup, and this is not a good song to have stuck this way.

You could have rick-rolled me with much less damage.

You could have played… Country (GASP) and I’d have appreciated it more. Even that terrible singalong crud (Friends in Low Places or Call Me By My Name comes to mind) that also gets stuck sometimes.

I’d rather hear my parents doing it… I think anyways. Maybe not. But that just shows how serious this is.

You are abusing that boy and any other non-deaf humans with this song, Phil.

Just playing with you, Man, although there is absolutely no way I am loading that song into my BeatBuddy :grin: :laughing: :rofl:.

I do not recall when last I heard this vocal monstrosity, but it’s not been long enough by far lol.

Earworm. lol. yeah.