With the new Aeros firmware song list link?

Can we now link BB and Aeros song lists?
Or what improvements have been made on the song list cooperation?
And how do we get there?

Hey there,

Linking the songs lists is unfortunately not something we will likely ever be able to do, as they are two separate devices.

We will, however, be working on improving using both devices together to simulate a connection as much as possible.

Currently, you must use a MSB (CC:0 value 0-127) and PC (0-127) command to select an Aeros song.

For the BeatBuddy as of version 4.0.1, you must use the MIDI LSB (CC:32 value 0-127) and PC (0-127) commands to select a song.

This is gone over a bit in this video at the 6:20 mark

You can read more about this in the Aeros v4.1.5 Manual on pgs 35 and 36

You can read about how this works for the BeatBuddy in the v4.0.1 manual on pg 40

You can also read more about MSB and LSB in general by using the MIDI Maestro manual’s very informative MIDI section pgs 16-20.

Let me know if this helps!