With Us - Hillsong Cover

My version using Beatbuddy SuperbassG

Sounds great Bro! What beat are you using?

I created it myself. Actually I dont know how to play drums. I just watched a drummer playing a cover of this song in Youtube, and copied what he was doing and applied each notes ( bass drum, snare, cymbals, etc…) to a midi editor, added the bass guitar notes as well, then transfered them notes to Beatbuddy. It sounds about 95% closed to the original song. I’ll attach the .sng file if you like it. Cheers.

Creed, and here I thought you knew nothing about computers :wink: Nice work, man.

If you do share your file, would you please upload to Resources? Thanks.

Thanks persist. I know just the basics. I just carefully read and follow all the instructions and tutorials in this forum. I still dont know how to record my audio in full stereo. I’ve just been using my phone to record.