Wonderwall - Oasis

click the fills as you see fit

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FYI - I bought one of the song packages from the premium content section. They have some great tunes, but your version of Wonderwall is better! I deleted theirs and kept yours! Thanks for posting!

yes thank you much appreciated

Can someone repost this file? Thanks!

could you send the song to me, please?
Thanks a lot!!!

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Unfortunately, this did not get saved in my archives. Most of the stuff that was just in Beats and was never posted to Resources, was lost. I was about to get to archiving those, when Singular effed everything up.

Is this it?

I believe that’s it. File size is right. :slight_smile:

Thanks LeeMo

I think if you use the verse from this with the chorus from the Singular Premium version, you get a pretty good rendition. I prefer this intro as well. I could see using fills from either version. I played it using the Rock 1.1 kit. Singular had recommended the brushes kit for their version. Of course, I am not trying to replicate the original - just get a good sounding song. Thoughts?

Im new here
where is the download for this?

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I would like to know to. I guess that it was posted on the old forum, and I did not migrated to the new forum. Only the text, not the attachments (sorry for my bad english)

Wonderwall.sng (749.0 KB)


Anyone need the .sng or did LeeMo get it to ya?