Wonderwall (Oasis)

My first video with the beatbuddy!

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Nicely done!

Thanks David!

Wow ! I say perfect!

Thanks sixstring 4561!

I have TC helicon GTX as well.


Great job on one of my favorite songs!!! Way to go Chris!! Post some more songs, please!

Excellent work. Really enjoyed your video. Great vocals & nice guitar playing. Well Done!!!

Awesome Job!!!

Well done Chris. Simple and not over done. Great use of the Beat Budddy… Nice voice too.

Thanks Jerry!

Well done Chris, cool.

Thank Jim!Another video is comming soon!

That was great!!! Good job bro

Sounds great, where can i find this drumbeat to add on to my beatbuddy??

Yes please post the link to this song for us fellow BB’s . Love the drum Intro into the Main - perfectly done.

Awesome job Chris … nicely done … Just got my BB and getting used to it … can you share what settings you use …

That great I use the gtx live as well. What is the earpiece where is it plugged into

I just got my Beat Buddy today. I gotta say, you make it look easy! Great show!!! :slight_smile: