Classic CSNY, with the intro and solo tabs. Not too tough, just weird timings on the hammer-ons, pull offs etc. dont sweat it … Stills played it differently each time as did Neil. There is some question as to who is playing it on the album cut… might be a mashup of two tracks which accounts for hearing some strange hammer-ons. Lots of tutorials out there on the intro.

Zip includes the song the tab, the cheat, the midi. Use NP Standard Bass Rhodes or Hammond (personally, I think Rhodes sounds better).

WOODSTOCK.zip (324.0 KB)



Thanks Phil

Once again Phil…thank you. Not only for the posting but the outlined thought process.

Thanks. I don’t know when I’ll have the chance to play it but it has been a favorite of mine ever since 1970. Those who weren’t around then are not aware that this was one of those songs that got people out of their seats and into the streets.