work flow with BB and Boomerang -- or "What button do I pres

Hi folks,
I haven’t midi connected my BB and my rang just yet because I’m waiting for a cable, but, when I do, I have some questions.

I know the BB should be master, for best results.

What then, do I do, when I want to record a loop? When I press to start the BB, will the Rang start recording? And, on which loop? Or do I need to start the BB then start the looper recording?
Any thoughts? How are others doing it?


This is exactly what I want to know BEFORE I order my BB.
I really want it to be intuitive and easy, not awkward or complicated to do.
I’ve seen a couple of vids on Youtube but I’d like to hear some users here explain how they do it.

I’d like the idea of choosing a groove on the BB and then tap my Rang on the beat or slightly before as you do when putting down the 2nd, 3rd or 4th loop on the Rang. Is this how you do it ?


You can check my video (if you haven’t already). Pay attention to comments on the video and check what I press and when.
It simply cannot be more intuitive!
I set Boomerang to serial mode and record Loop 3 first to enable aligning.

It is very very easy to start and close loops and you are enormously relaxed in when you should press the Rang. You can press at absolutely any time, and recording will start (or stop, if it is recording) exactly when Loop 3 finishes.
Combining this with that Loop 3’s length itself is being actively controlled by BeatBuddy (via MIDI) - and you get a rock solid sync, and your tempo will always be tight no matter how long you play - several minutes, hours, or even days! No drifting at all as is the case with shitty BOSS loopers!

I’ll take your word for it !
I can hardly wait to get my hands/feets on the BB.

I am already working with the BB Manager and learning and creating new grooves and samples.