Workaround to loop wav-loops

here is a little funny workaround to use wav-loops instead of midi-loops (very limited).
Make some wav-loops, for example:

  1. 2 Bars 120 BPM
  2. 4 Bars 120 BPM and so on, all with the same tempo, length as you need

Make a new Drum-Kit, for example use loop 1 for Basedrum and loop 2 for snare.
Load this Drum-Kit.

Make a new song with 120 BPM. For loop 1 make a 2 Bars pattern with only a „hit“ on „basedrum“ on the first note. For loop 2 make a 4 Bars Pattern and a hit on „snare“. For additional loops use other drums or cymbals.

As you see, this „drum-kit“ is only working with 120 BPM. So you have to make a drum-kit for every song, but you can loop complex arrangements.

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I just saw this was discussed nearly 4 years ago. It works like described above.