Workflow for cutting up MIDI files.

Greetings All,

I received my beatbuddy and then was sent on assignment Mid-November and didn’t have a chance at all to utilize it… I was starting to make progress with it and really love it.

I have done much searching and have yet to find a full blown “Workflow” (at least one that is effective) for those of us wanting to chop up Standard Midi Files… I have many midi files and I find that I can pull them into Reaper (which I own) and cut out a section but when I export them and try to place them into any slot in the Manager program, it says that this MIDI file has no events…

Sometimes, If I bring them into Ableton 8.2.6 (Which I also own) and the re-export them, it will then work… Although… Only Sometimes…

If anyone else is doing what I am trying to do with success, I sure would like to know your workflow (including versions of programs).

I have created an XML for MidiFileMapper that converts number 35 bass drum and the Electronic Snare sound to note 36 bass drum and Acoustic Snare sound. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to share it… This script doesn’t seem to do anything negative to the midi file but fix the note mappings.


I used Cubase SX and also Reaper for chopping up whole midi files with no issues like you are describing. You will want to remove everything else but channel 10 and then correct any “instruments” and ensure the correct ones are being triggered. Once that is done chop it up. Loops can be any bar length (max 500 midi notes) but the transitions are 1 bar long.

BB Standard Kit
33 A0 Metronome
36 C1 Kick Drum
37 C#1 Cross Stick
38 D1 Snare
39 D#1 Handclaps
42 F#1 Hi-Hats Closed
43 G1 Tom 4 (Floor)
44 G#1 Foot Hi-hat
45 A1 Tom 3 (Low)
46 A#1 Hi-Hat Open
48 C2 Tom 2 (Hi-Mid)
49 C#2 Crash Cymbal 1
50 D2 Tom 1 (High)
51 D#2 Ride Cymbal
53 F2 Ride C. Bell
55 G2 Splash 1
57 A2 Crash Cymbal 2
59 B2 Splash 1