Workflow of adding songs by name

I just received my BeatBuddy and I am trying to understand the workflow to have songs listed by name. I’m using the BeatBuddy Loader to keep it “simple”.

Is this the correct approach?

  1. Use the Song Matching Tool to find the “Beat” associated with a song. For example, the beat for “Can’t You See” shows “Brushes 8- Str 8”.
  2. Use the Search box in the Loader to locate that beat.
  3. Select Export to export that beat.
  4. Choose Add File to import that song into a desired folder (I created a folder named My Songs).
  5. Click the kabob menu and Rename the file (e.g., to “Can’t You See”).

Is that the correct approach? It sure seems like a lot of steps. When I bought the BB I was stoked to see that many of the songs I play were in the default list of songs, but I was pretty surprised to see that none of the songs appeared with those names on the BB.


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This was my method as well, except I use BBManager to make any tweaks, for example I usually want either no intro or a different intro. I also sometimes tweak the order of the fills or make other changes to make a little more accurate. Then I Rename/Export, and use BB Loader to import.

You could simplify your workflow a little by using BBManager, Ex:

  • Load Blues 1. Change the name and tempo as needed. Export the song to your desired location.
  • Load the new song into BBManager and make any other changes (remove or change intro, add/change parts, etc). Save and Export.
  • Import into BBLoader to put on your card.

Thanks @josborn777. It surprises me that we need to export and the import, because the BeatBuddy Loader’s home page says, “Move, copy, paste songs and folders.” That implies that we can copy songs using the clipboard, but I don’t see how that is done.

josborn777 was referring to the BeatBuddy manager app. It allows you to build your on songs.
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