Working up songs for the BeatBuddy (BB)

hello Persist,
once you find a decent midi version of a requested song is this what you use as the outline within a DAW for editing into a BB file?
-do you use a DAW to strip out what you don’t want.
-are you using the drum parts of the midi to map to the BB drum samples?

I check the length of the MIDI source file to see if the length comes close to the recorded version and that it has at least the drums and bass. If it does, I’ll transcribe it to work for the BeatBuddy (BB) using Logic Pro X.

For the drums, I check the MIDI track to give an idea of which BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) drum set I want to use. I then use my DAW to move any drum instruments so they match what’s in the BBM drum set. I usually will find that F1 and B1 (toms) have to be moved. If for example I’m going to use the Rock kit but the MIDI source uses B0 (acoustic bass drum), I will move that to C1 (kick/bass drum); if the source has a rimshot, I move that to snare.

-Garage Band will work for transcribing it to work for BB?

-this is done on the piano roll?

You can work it up in Garageband (GB) but unless Apple has added the ability to export to MIDI, you won’t be able to do so from Garageband. I think Garageband is Apple’s version of Logic Pro X Lite (really lite). :grinning:

However, there is a workaround for getting MIDI exported from GB. The Internet (maybe the forum) is really slow pulling up this link but you can search this term How to use free Garageband on Mac to create BB- OP songs

I can’t vouch that the GB2MIDI app is still around or that it works but you can give it a shot and let us know if it works for you.

Yes, the Piano Roll.

I use Garage Band to join things together (Like if I want to make a Verse/Chorus as 1 midi to save foot tapping). When I’m done I do the following:

  1. Select the track with the midi output
  2. <Command+J> Push the “Command” Key and the “J” Key to join the parts together (You can skip this part if you aren’t joining multiple midi parts into 1)
  3. <Control+Shift+O> Push “Control” + “Shift” + “O”. This will cause GB to output a .aif file.
  4. Use to convert the .aif to a .mid

I haven’t tried/learned how to actually create new MIDI part in garage band, but I have used the workflow above heavily over the past few weeks.