Working with 3Mb Samples


I am working in an unorthodox way. However, I would still like to try and make it work.

I have recorded my drum track in audio and split it into sections. All less than 3.4Mb each.

Each section has been loaded into a drum kit for example Intro-48, Verse1PtA 49, Verse1ptB 50 etc.

Each section works when pressing play on the drum kit sample play section. The sections that I have added use about 23% of allocated space in the drum kit.

The song is 4/4 at 86bpm.

When it comes to adding the midi data (song) to trigger the samples, the samples are not triggering.

I have opened up the BB midi editor and the midi is in the correct place to trigger each sample and at a velocity that is recognised by the BB manager.

I know this is not how the BB was designed to work, but as a sampler I am wondering how I could get it to trigger these larger samples.

Eventually my aim is to add bass inside the samples and may be other instrumentation.

Any suggestions on how to make this happen would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards


I have it working now : D

Just had to do a little house cleaning so to speak.

I am mega excited about the possibilities of this approach now.