World Percussion Plus drumset - Extraction of the PDF Problem

My usual method of copying/dragging the files from a zip file gave a an error on the PDF and failed to extract. This is on a Win7 Pro OS for what it’s worth. I was able to extract the files using 7-Zip and that also indicated an issue as well. The extracted PDF with 7-Zip does seem to open OK.
I haven’t tried to load the actual ‘drm’ file yet, but suspect it’s OK as no apparent errors on extraction occurred.

world 7zip

Sorry about and thanks for reporting. I repackaged and reuploaded the items. They will all extract properly now. Please re-download.

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FWIW, I downloaded and played through most of the new World beats and I have to say that they are excellent!! Thank you for these.

Thanks so much! I’ve spent quite a bit of time composing them, so i am happy to know that they come across well. Have fun and Happy Holidays!