Worship songs?

Hi this is my first post to the forum !! (Be gentle with me)

I was looking at the song library tool and found it had some worship songs like 10000 reasons and all my days ina default library ???

Can anyone advise hot to specifically find these songs to download to BBM folder


Welcome, if I were you I would look at the youtube channel BeatBuddy Worship, Antonie Bohta has lots of info on how to use the BB.
Also if you look in the info of the channel, there is a link to his drive with loads of BB songs.
I think you will like it.

Thanks, it was the more modern ones that’s mentioned in the “default library” in the song matching tool

That’s just a tool to tell you that is you play X song use Y beat. It is not meant to imply that all those songs are necessarily available on the Forum.

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Song matching tools are just info on songs, what rhythm (.sng) to use and the bpm. Not were to find the songs.