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Since the complete library is mostly lost on me, I have been browsing your smaller packages. I would love to see and I am kind of surprised that you dont have, being a drum platform a Surf package for beatbuddy. Songs like Miserlou, Nitro and Nitrus by Dick Dale, Rumble by Link Wray, Pipeline by The Chantays, Wipeout by the Surfaris, Apache by The Shadows, Walk Dont Run by The Ventures to name a few, would be an esential part of my library as a bass player and aspiring guitarist, if it were available.


You may find that some users have uploaded versions of these songs. For example:

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Hey James @Railway ,
We produce content based on the popularity of user requests. The more interest there is in a particular genre or artist, the sooner it will get created.
For requests to be counted, they need to be submitted here:

Please take a moment to file yours and help us stay organized.
Thank you!

If you find drum sheet music, you can easily create almost everything. Here is a link to Wipeout.

Groove Monkee has a surf set free…

I would be nice also if we could see what others have submitted and perhaps be able to vote on the ideas.

I may put together a voting system at some point. Right now there are like thousands of inputs, so it wouldn’t be of much help.

So I play solo, as opposed to playing in a band, and I think about “song parts” differently for that reason (there’s likely been some drift). So when I play songs from the preset packs, they have like 13 song parts sometimes, and I can’t quite get them to line up. What would be great is if, instead of numbers (part 1/23) there could be symbols or actual names (prechorus 1 or PC1) so that a glance at the pedal would tell you where in the song you should be and you can act accordingly. I only use the world percussion set which simplifies everything a little bit anyway, so the differences between parts are often less audible anyway. In those cases, I’ll probably simplify by removing parts, but if they were labeled by name, I wouldn’t have to. Thanks!


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Did you get ’ Rumble’? I’d like that.