Wouldn't it Be Nice (DOP, OPB, OPK(piano), OPBk-TC (see explanation) in F 2.0 - The Beach Boys

OPBk-TC, really??!! Alright OnePressBass with keyboard, incorporating a Tempo Change.

I really, really liked the way @Phil did this. So, I stole from him in it’s entirety.

You, see, I also liked the tempo change and fade in the original, and with Phil’s already great version, it didn’t take too long to add that. Also, given that we can’t access his original cheat, I re-did the cheat to make it a bit more OnSong friendly.

That, and I separated out the versions for those who wish to have DOP, and OPB versions. I did add some hi-hat cues to the drums which are kinda necessary in the DOP and OPB versions.

Package includes 4 sng files and corresponding midi files, Phil’s OPBk part, which is the source midi for this arrangement, and chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

Download Here