Write Protected SD?

I just downloaded the firmware.

I extracted the files, followed the instructions and dragged the files onto the SD Drive (showing up as a Removable Drive) inserted in my SD Card reader.

However, as message comes up that the drive is write protected and won’t copy over the files.

Please advise.


Sounds like you locked your SD card. Make sure you did not inadvertently move the shutter on the right side of your SD card. Remove the SD card, slide the shutter and try again.

The ‘shutter’ on the SD card that came with my BB is really easy to slide. The one on my stock SD card slides a little bit every time I insert it into an SD card slot. After a couple of insertions, the ‘shutter’ is in the locked position. If it’s a chronic problem, get an aftermarket SD card.

My SD card is unlocked but getting the same write protected message.