Writing a Song in Logic - What am I doing wrong?

So what am I doing wrong in Logic ?

I’m trying to write a song with Bass.

I took this drum beat in the BBM "Rock- beat 7- simple var2- Ride bell"
and i added some Bass Notes to it.
I have 5 copy and paste sections so far. This is how I would like to build the song or is that the wrong way to do it ?

1st off. I can’t hear the Bass in Logic.
Is that how it works ?
So I select all 5 sections and go to
Export > Selection as Midi
I save that file and I pull it up in the BBM
I can hear the Bass but I can’t hear all 5 “selections”

Sorry in advance.
I’ve been trying to figure this out for a week and I’m lost.

You won’t hear the bass in Logic Pro X (LPX) because they’ve either been lowered or raised out of the range of a normal bass instrument as well as having them within the same region as you are using for the drums.

That’s because you have 5 separate sections and when you export to MIDI, it only exports the first one. If you want all 5 of those sections to be played as a single loop in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or BeatBuddy pedal, use the Join command (CMD-J) in LPX (leaving the 5 sections highlighted as they are in your video) and then export to MIDI and add to the BBM.

If you want each section to appear as a separate loop in the BBM, it would be easiest if you duplicate the region you already have 4 more times and from the top region, drag the second section to the far left of the second region and so on and so forth.

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So, basically, you’re doing it wrong. 1) In Logic, the drums and bass are going to be on separate tracks when you create the song. The normal range for a bass in Logic in E1 though G3, but this would conflict with the normal range for a drum kit, which starts at B0 or C1. 2) What you do is write the two parts in Logic so that they sound the way you want. Keep drums on one track and bass on another. Make sure you are only using drum notes that are in the kit that you will be using the Beat Buddy.3) Then, when you have it the way you want, you are going to select all of the bass notes, and transpose then down to E -2 for the low note, if you are using one of the kit that have bass at 0 through 31, or up to E 3, if you are using a kit with bass at 62 or 63 through 91.

  1. Next, select both of your tracks and us the Logic command Edit>Bounce and Join> Join. This will get your bass and drums together. 5) Then save the joined Region as midi.

Now in Beat Buddy, what you have in Logic as separate loops, each of those loops will need to be its own “Main Loop”

So, 6) Each Loop in Logic will need to start at the beginning of the track. Just make more tracks and move each of your loops after the first one onto a track of its own.
7) Save each of those loops as a separate midi file.
8) In BB Manager, click the lower plus button

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 1.00.23 PM

To make a space for each loop.

  1. add each loop to the song.

Save the song. You should be ready to play.


1st off thanks you for the help. It’s so appreciated

  1. Cant hear Bass in Logic.

Lol … Ive been trying to figure out a way to hear it in Logic forever. Now I know you can’t and my pain and suffering is over with that :slight_smile:

  1. (CMD-J)

Yes that worked. Thanks. I could hear all 5 sections

Then I went back in LPX and did …

Edit > Undo Join Regions

and I had the 5 sections again so I can keep creating.

Thank you so much.
I’m pretty excited now that I might be able to write song.

O boy thats a lot of info but I’m gonna work on that thanks.
If I’m doing it wrong I guess I should learn the right way.

(I’m excited that I can write a song the wrong way tho …lol )

'Ya gotta start somewhere and Phil Flood is a great coach! :grinning:

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I know right. :grinning:

This stuff is hard OMG :pray: :guitar:

There are tutorials on the forum that you will help you improve your skills as you go along.

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Where ?

I must be looking in the wrong places.

( Yes there are people this dumb like me :vulcan_salute: )

Here’s the search results on this forum for tutorial


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Okay thanks.

My head is exploding. Let me get at it all and thanks again

Success :pray: :guitar:

Just wanted to say thank you. I figured out how to write a song “The Right Way”.

It wasn’t pretty :slight_smile: and it took me forever but I followed your notes and I was able to…

edit the notes while hearing playback.

Then I placed those notes in the proper octave so I could hear them in BBM playback

Joined both files

Export to midi
Listen to the song in BBM and plop it in the SD Card and Jam out to it all.

Freakin Amazing :guitar: :sunglasses:

I’ve got more editing to do on the Drums and Bass but the rough cut is a miracle.
Been wanting to learn this for a couple years.

Thank you so much.

So one last question ( Sorry )

When both files are joined I go to File > Export > Selection as MIDI File

this pops up

I choose Upbeat and the midi file seems to be good and thats the midi file I’m using :slight_smile:
If I choose Move all the file seems to miss the 1st Bass note

I guess I’m choosing the right way with Upbeat but what is up with that ?

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Upbeat is usually the right choice. That uaually put the midi where it belongs. If it sounds off there, go back and try the other choice. Let your ears be the guide,

Cool and thanks again.

This is really big for me :grinning:

Glad to help. I hope you get it all figured out. It’s a pretty amazing device once you learn what it can do, even with the limitations of the current firmware/software.

Yeah it really is a amazing pedal :sunglasses:

I just kinda finished a Original Song. Sounds really good and I could easily gig out with it but every time I hear it I think I can do better … lol

I have about 20-30 songs I need to write. I currently have a bunch of songs with the bass lines stored on my looper. Imagine the Horror :scream:

Here is something I just kinda finished. I’d share it on the forum but It still needs work.

Third Stone from the Sun :guitar: Hendrix - SRV

Third_Stone_from_the_Sun.sng (319.1 KB)

Thoughts ?

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