Wrong Drumset when opening BBM ?

When I close BBM I have one drumset on the Drum Sets page but when I open BBM next time there is another drumset.

The only solution is to go to the Drumset menu and open it !
This replaces the loaded drumset.

In have to do this every time I am working with BBM !

NOTE ! I only use one drumset.


Create a blank song in Folder 1, Position 1. Enter just a Null or Empty in the main loop slot. I have attached a file that can be used. Select your desired Drumset as the default drumset for that song. When you start BBM, this will be the song and Dumset loaded.

Stills load the wrong drumset !

When I start BBM there is an earlier version with different settings on the Drums Sets Page have been working on


I hesitate to give you another tip, since nothing seems to work, but you might want to take a look at this thread, post #2, and try the process beginning in step 5. If that fails, I got nothing else for you. I edit kits all the time using this process, and I do not experience the problems that you do.

Somehow it now works!

Drums Sets Percentage indicator now shows 99% when I start BBM and load the correct drumset just like when I made it

Don’t really know exactly what made it work though, maybe after I deleted folders with older drumset names I’d used earlier but don’t use anymore in the Workspace folders.
I also tried open/importing drumsets several times.

Thanks for the tip !
It may come in handy for future issues !