Yamaha KU100 Silent Kick

Will a pedal like Yamaha KU100 Silent Kick work with Beatbuddy?

No won’t work, because of the way it functions, it uses a piezo trigger, not a normal switch.

Ok, thanks for answering!

Am I correct in my understanding that if you add a cheap percussion pad with a kick trigger input and a DIN MIDI output, you can trigger the kick sound via MIDI?

The BB accepts a midi in, via the Singular breakout cable. If you have a midi trigger that send a note on command on midi 36, you could trigger the kick drum. The BB can function as an external midi drum module, so if you, for example, had a set of midi input triggers, like a Roland midi drum kit, or a Handsonic, etc, you could have the BB connected to that midi input trigger device and play the sound in the active BB drum kit at will.

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