Yamaha LP piano_bass

Yamaha LP is a Phil Flood kit posted with his permission. Built using a Yamaha piano with extended range. When discussing ways to improve BB non-percussive parts (bass and piano) he sent this on. I use his Santana piano & organ and Bose Jazz Trio extensively and this adds another welcome element.

Yamaha LP piano & bass.zip (47.4 MB)


haha, be nice if there were some but with with guitar and no keys…as it’s overwhelmingly a guitarists forum here, I doubt any will be coming soon…ones with just s comping guitar, no leads. If there are some already, apologies :slight_smile:

Pretty easy to do really. If you have a DAW just strip out the keys from the .sng and the kit will have nothing to play there, export as a MIDI file and done.

Thanks - yeah I ws aware I could do that, I was talking about HAVING guitar comping in them rather than. keys comping. I could program some up in a DAW, just not a lot of time to do it really…

Of course. My attempts at creating from scratch have been few with less than desirable results. Sometimes even when there is a BB kit with the desired parts the BB backing track doesn’t sound good enough to me and I wind up using a DAW rendered .wav output triggered from a ‘transmogrify’ key on my iPad.

Give a try with the NP Standard Bass Guitar kit.