Yamaha MD-BT01 Help

for more than two years I use the BeatBuddy and am very satisfied. Now I have a problem and I would be very happy about help. Until now my BeatBuddy was connected with my VL3x via Midi cable. Midi worked well. Now I have two Yamaha MD-BT01 connected to the devices. The midi signals are not transmitted. After several tests, I believe that the MD-BT01 on the BeatBuddy can not deal with these signals. I have tested different Midi settings on the BeatBuddy. MIDI notes are forwarded by the Yamaha, otherwise not. Can someone help me?

More details would be helpful:

  • what is the numbered version of the BeatBuddy firmware?
  • are you using an iPad and if so, did you pair either one of the MD-BT01 with the BeatBuddy or the VL3x?
  • does the MD-BT01 work with the VL3x and another BlueTooth such as an iPad or Yamaha keyboard?

I have to admit to being slightly confused by your description. Are you expecting the Beatbuddy and vl3 to talk to one another wirelessly? That’s not going to happen without an iOS app inbetween. not sure what apps are out there would work this way or that they would see the two adapters as two unique devices.

I’m using the same adapter with Beatbuddy and iPad 3 and it all appears fine, but there is no unique name for the device, it just shows as Yamaha MD-BT01.