Year of The Cat (Al Stewart) 1-Click

Here’s my first attempt at creating a BB beat file. It uses the SuperBassG drum kit and has been tested with the beta BB firmware and manager. I hope some of you will like it.

HI! thanks for that, but I am not sure about the song structure for this, as it does not seems to be like in the original recording, would you mind sharing the structure you use with it?

Yes and thanks for the interest. I think this version may be based off of the LP version given it’s length. There are 3 standard progressions repeated throughout and a bridge, but the instrumental throws in a curve ball by introducing a D and Bm repeat that walks a Bm to B to C to an A before returning to the song’s hook progression. When I play the instrumental hook, I play an open Am pull off run instead of an Am. I think it gives the feel of the piano riff. I put that riff in the text file (I haven’t figured out the stand form used here on this site).

Of course, this is just my interpretation based on what I think I hear in the song, sheet music, and tabs and midis from the Internet. I hope it works for you.

thanks for that, maybe if you can share the original midi file you used, it can also help

THANKS, I see now … the song is supposed to start before the BB drums and bass that enter after 16 bars of piano solo in the disc…

My version bbmgr.sng
Year_Cat.sng (1.7 KB)