Year of the cat (opb+strings+keys) 1.1 - al stewart

This one took forever, it really needs a five part kit, BASS, DRUMS, KYBDS, SAX and STRINGS. Only thing I could do was move the short sax solo into the strings … its ok, but just somewhat. Rewriting a kit doesnt work as the octave spread for each instrument is greater than what a 100mb kit could support.

This uses STAX FIDDLE -- a joint effort between PERSIST and myself, based on one of Phil Flood's STAX kits. I tried other string kits, but this sounded best.

Watch the cheat carefuly. I selected chord forms which work well with the tune... especially the Bm7 X20202.

Let me know what you think...
I'm still trying to figure out how to get a more authentic ending ... had to cut it off because we dont have a chimey thingy to use.

Download Here