Yer Blues (OPB) - The Beatles

Uses my new go-to kit, the Steinway with Bass C2-60, although this is just drums and bass. I may make a later version with keys, for me.

I had to make several compromises to convert this midi to BB. In the original, the song changes time signatures multiple times, from 12/8 to 6/8, then 8/8, back to 12/8, each verse. The jam section is in 4/4. Then it goes back to 12/8, 6/8, 8/8. As we all know, BB does not change time signatures. So after the first “If I ain’t dead already,” you will no longer be matched to the virtual metronome. Ignore it. Use your ears, and follow the cheat. Issue 2, the tempo changes from about 80 bpm to about 100, a couple times. To simplify things, I am presenting it at 90 BPM throughout. When we get in-song tempo control worked out, you can set the tempo at 100, and slow it for the appropriate sections.

Aside from that, I think it works out OK.

Package include cheat, .sng, and my final OPB midi, in case you want to do some later editing.

Yer (133.3 KB)

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You are Great Phil ! thank you !!!