Yes.... another midi programming question

Hello again. Could not find a midi command specifically for a basic ENTER or SELECT command that will function as though one were hitting the TAP button on BB when selecting a kit or song from the folder. Is there such a command?

Hey there!

CC118 value 0-127 opens the currently selected folder/song

Thanks. Just to be certain… This particular command acts just like pressing the TAP (enter) button once or when you press down on the Drum selector pot of the Beatbuddy ?
Lastly… The value number thing is confusing to me. What actual number between 1 and 127 should I use.?

Hey SOrry I made a mistake,

It is really Enter/ Exit folder, the BetaBuddy’s main pedal must be pressed to actually open the selected song, otherwise, it will just toggle back and forth in the song folders. There is no BB MIDI CC that acts like pressing the main pedal here, but you could set one of the footswitches to act like the main pedal.

Here are all the BB MIDI CC commands for reference!

And the value can be any number and it will work just the same :slight_smile:

Understood. I know that I can use MM to act as BB footswitch and (being on the road) I mistakenly spoke of the Drum Set button…
so, to better rephrase my question.
Is there a BB MIDI CC command that acts like the pressing down of the Tempo dial after a given option is highlighted on the screen?

Essentially what I’m attempting to accomplish is to be able to scroll through songs or kits with the MM and then hit “enter” with a designated MM button without needing to touch the beatbuddy with my hands.

The MM can scroll songs in default mode. And I very rarely touch the BB with my hands. But I do have the footswitch too.

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Basically no, unless one of your foot switches is set to main pedal, you will need to do it on the BB main pedal

So if I set a mm switch for main pedal then that switch will act as an enter button?


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