Yes.....Midi Maestro Customizing

Hello and thanks for your time.
How does one designate a MM button to go to Accent Hits (like default) when making a custom page ? or for that matter even to just go to next page ? And is there a truly complete list of midi commands for individual sounds, so that a person could actually customize which are used as accent hits?
For instance I’d really like to replace the tambourine.
Thanks much.

Hey there, you would have to set up a redirect command from the top of the Button Setup page, this will open the MM page you chose once that button is pressed, just remember to set up a way to get back to the other page!

Feel free to check out the manual for more info on custom modes!

Also, the BB has all it’s sounds built on the general MIDI drum map, click here to see that.

Let me know if you need more help!

This requires sending a MIDI Note On command of the correct value when the MIDI Maestro button is pressed/released.

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Thanks eversomuch! Things going way smoother now. RESPECT for the super swift reply!

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My pleasure!

Keep rockin :slight_smile: