Yes. WAV loops in Beatbuddy is easy

Hey i posted some thing cool but it looks like the shit hits the fan when i Import to the pedal…

The BeatBuddy does not function as a looper, and will not accept WAV loops.

Not True. I made it. And it is pretty cool. Re-post with content incoming.

-> :slight_smile: <-

I’d love to see how you did it then. :slight_smile:

A first very simple example (drumkit + song), with no intro, no fill, no outro, no transition :

Start, hold and stop work as usual in order to : start, transition (2 parts only eheh), and stop :slight_smile:

This is electro 120 BPM ; you can not change BPM. Hold for transition when the 2nd bar of the beat is playing.

I have ideas that might work well for the missing parts. Soon !
Sorry for my english.

EDIT. I added a second SNG + DRM that sounds fun too “120pop14”.