What’s going on?


Yes that would be a good one… like making it possible to assig the mode change to an external footswitch connected to the MM or a long hold on one of the MM switches to change modes?

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Can I ask how you eliminated the Bluetooth dongle from the setup? Does the Midi Maestro have Bluetooth (and if so, does that allow the iPad to send midi commands directly to Midi Maestro (via OnSong?)?

I am very interested in the Aeros and MM, but currently am using OnSong on my iPad to change the songs on BeatBuddy (using the wireless midi dongle). I really want to maintain that functionality, so am curious how you achieved this.


Yeah I didn’t find much information on it but I wanted to know if I could send midi data via the Bluetooth in the MM. So I connected my iPad and used midi designer pro 2 to test midi functionality to my line6hx via a template I had that sends out midi on channel 4. It works like a charm. The only issue is the midi out on the Aeros didn’t pass the midi correctly so I had to put it last in the chain. So long story short the MM Bluetooth connection works for sending midi directly to it and through via an iPad.

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Hey there, MM is designed to send bluetooth BLE MIDI command, yes. Using the app, you can set specific commands to be sent either through the MIDI out port or via Bluetooth. There is a limit of 4 commands that can be sent with one button action (press and release).

Just to be sure I get you here, are you sending the Bluetooth MIDI messages into the MM or out from the MM to your iPad? I was not aware of it being able to handle the former, let me know!

Yes, it’d be great to confirm if MM can actually receive Midi commands via Bluetooth. But Brennan’s comment leads me to think otherwise.

@BrennanSingularSound, for anyone currently using OnSong with the wireless midi dongle to control their BeatBuddy (to change songs), do we/they essentially lose that functionality if they add a MM to control BeatBuddy? I’m thinking about purchasing a MM, but still need the ability to just swipe to my next song in OnSong and have it change the song in BeatBuddy.

Well, bluetooth is a limited technology, you can’t connect/disconnect/reconnect signals with reliability. I would suggest using MIDI cables to control the BeatBuddy with the MM, you may be able to find ways to make it work, maybe try using a iPhone> MIDI connector and send the out from onsong to the MM, MM will merge all commands and thus this could work.

This is what I do. I have midi adapter for my iPad going to MM and from Aeros. This allows OnSong to send midi code to select kit and BPM in BB and OnSong to receive start/stop code for auto scroll.

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Hey there. Just bought MM on Black Friday and would love to learn (2) things. Granted I know hardly nothing about midi mapping, programming, PC, CC, anything associated at all.
First: How can you move the start/stop button to the bottom left corner so it’s easier to access with your feet?

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Hey there,

Do you have an Android by chance? The Android version of the MIDI Maestro app allows you to build a mode based on the default modes, this would allow you to rearrange it in this way. From the main screen, simply drag the button setup you want to move and place it in the slot you prefer.

If not we are working on this feature to be available on iOS. We are also working on redesigns of both apps to improve all functions as well as fix these inconsistencies.

You can also create a mode specific to your needs from scratch. Read our manual to learn more!

Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Let me get this straight…???

First off I should mention that I use OnSong too as my midi controller that changes song parameters on my BB and Strymon Timeline with the help of an iConnectivity Midi2+ interface which is very important because I run two midi cables from (2) outs on the interface into (2) ins on both my BB breakout cable and the Strymon Timeline. This changes the parameters whenever I select a new song from OnSong.

Are you saying if you Bluetooth connect your OnSong (Apple iPad I have) to your MM it will eliminate the need for a midi interface???

I wouldn’t count on midi over Bluetooth during live performance, or in a ‘digitally noisy’ environment (like my studio.) Bluetooth can be unreliable and introduces more latency. Midi over wifi is worse. Your mileage may vary.

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Hey there,

just wanted to clarify that the MM does not accept commands over Bluetooth. it can however send commands it generates over Bluetooth by using a custom mode.