You Better You Bet - The Who

Chasing down this beat. Anyone got it? Great song and I need it for my duo.

Thought it would be easy to come up with a MIDI source file but no such luck.

I ended up purchasing one but it wont let me import it damn it. I guess I’m not as tech savvy as I thought.

Conversation started.

Me too - great minds, I guess :rolleyes:;).

OK. Since Sainter5 posted his file, this is how one would put that into a BB song.

  1. Open BBM and pick a folder where you want to put the song.
  2. Click on the +Song button above or below an existing song to create a new blank song.
  3. Click on the little blank white in either “Outro Fill” or “Intro Fill” and navigate to the downloaded file, You Better drm.mid
    The You better drm file will now be in that space.
  4. download the attached Empty.mid file.
  5. Click on blank space in main loop 1 and navigate to Empty.mid. Empty will now be in the main loop.
  6. Save your project. You have created the song. If you wish, you may now File>Export>song to create an archival copy of the song.

Your response is too quick. I’m being told the midi file doesn’t exist. What now.