You Give Love a Bad Name - OPBK

Derived from a free MIDI this uses the twin of one of my favorite compiled Phil Flood kits. Very clean piano in a useful range (bear in mind I usually transpose everything to A). Very similar to his ‘STAX AcousticPiano&2119 Hammond’ kit. Horns largely take the place of the Hammond in this kit. NOTE: I don’t use the horns here. I just liked the kit.

I looked at available work a few years ago then took this back up and reworked it based on how we approach it. As with all of mine I’m learning to balance the backing parts needed to fill out the trio. Often I combine parts intended for guitar with keys to keep things full and moving but not overly heavy and lifeless.

This starts with a drum riff into two rounds of the chord progression. No acapella vocal to start but useful under lead work. I understand JBJ’s mantra (don’t bore us get to the chorus) but there’s plenty of chorus in the song. I often condense the cheat sheet using colors etc to fit a single page for my iPad software display. Outro repeats the riff 9x so can be stopped at any point or faded.

  • Kit Used: PFlood’s STAX AcousticPiano (V2) with horns
  • Cheat sheet
  • MIDI map .txt file

You Give Love a Bad Name - (803.6 KB)

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