Your Love - The Outfield

Does anyone have a .sng file for Your Love by The Outfield. It was posted a couple years ago but fell victim to the forum crash last year and has not been reposted since. Bass line not necessary, just the drums. Thanks!

+1 Good beat for this one.Cool song.

Just uploaded my own version that I built yesterday:
Let me know if you find any issues or have any suggestions. Now if I could only sing as high as the original!

hhahahhaha yeah we all wish we could. ok will check it out thanks.

hey great job on the chords and BB sheet you included to show when to press the fills/transitions. i think thats the first time ive seen some one do that which is very helpful as many folks dont always know the song by heart. wish everyone did that. cool keep it up!.

Only suggestion would be to change the standard kit to the Rock v1.1 kit as its been upgraded now and most folks have updated theirs, so it doesnt show up as an asterisk kit ( * ) meaning missing/not installed.

1 issue since its not a 1 press song is you have 2 sections where if they DONT follow your transition chart they will get stuck in a never ending loop. since most songs are 1press I had to follow along with the BBM editor window so see how you had it structured. of course on the pedal you wont see that so…yeah really need to know the song and practice with this one to get it correct when using live

Thanks for letting me know. I renamed my Rock 1.1 to Rock, that way I don’t have 2 Rock kits that sound quite similar. I’ll try to troubleshoot the sections that loop - can you let me know which ones you experienced the loop?