You're the One That I Want OPB

Hi All!
I did it! I took my first Midi file from and changed it around and made it work on the Beat Buddy. I’m proud of my accomplishment - although the result is mediocre. Thanks to @persist, @Phil_Flood, @Cygnus49, @Fled and anyone else I’m forgetting for their guidance.

Attached is the Song You’re the One That I Want from Grease. Uses Stax EPiano and Horns. Key of A minor.
Youre_the_One_That_I_Want.sng (15.0 KB)


Nice. You might consider going into REAPER and selecting the horn part and dropping the velocity (i.e., volume). Seems a bit harsh. Also I trialed it with PFlood’s Santana piano and organ kit (a favorite of mine to replace horn parts I’m not happy with) and it subs the organ for the horns nicely.

Good tips -
The horns sound poor! But I spent about 90 minute fine tuning them. I couldn’t just get rid of them at that point!

I did take your suggestion and lowered all the volume and decreasing the velocity of the horns even more.
Youre_the_One_That_I_Want lower velocity.sng (15.0 KB)

Pretty much what I’ve done. Invested too much time for too little gain only to turn them down and subtract annoying parts that stuck out or moved the significant line to organ.

I asked Phil Flood about horns knowing he has some nice libraries. Woodwind sounds are so complex only a dedicated app like Session Horns will do if I really must have it. I render the audio to a .wav file rather than convert to BB and trigger the .wav from my iPad app. UnRealBook has a customizable ‘transmogrify’ button so you can add a player on the cheat sheet display. The stereo iPad output goes into a mixer via mini-pin to RCA jacks. After all if you are using a ‘OP’ doesn’t matter where the sound comes from.

Case in point. The only one I currently use regularly as a .wav isn’t because of horn short-comings - I like the piano better. ‘Heart of Gold’ Box