Zip File Troubles

I got my Beatbuddy yesterday. Got it working with the headphones and bass Amp following little enclosed instructions book. Got my BB Manager screen uploaded to PC. Its windows 10 system. But this zip file has be so confused. I watched the Tutorial video several times, downloaded the 7 something zip file opener.
I opened new project on the manager dragged the zip file over to it, thing popped up says can’t do action or something.Now I can’t find the zip file, its not located in the downloads file. Still don’t know how to transfer the zip contents.Help!

I found that zip file but still not sure where ya drag it ti on the BB Manager. Looks like it says manuals?

Well been trying to figure out the manager and try’n to find where the zip file data go’s, now i got it all screwed up. Beat Buddy sounds great with the preloaded Blues Sets but folks who are not real computer savy not so great get’n it going. A CD with all the stuff ya need to load up would be great. Sorta bumbed out man.

Have you checked out the tutorial? :

Also, what zipped files are you referring to? Can you post a screenshot of the place(s) you got stuck? That will help us help you more efficiently. :slight_smile:

I might have it close to going now.Don’t know how to screen shot. Anyway i booted up BB Manager this morning and it had no songs/sets at all on the left panel and no drum lists on big screen, just the instructions page was showing. So i somehow used the BB Back-up and boom got all the songs list window . Before it would just be the blues and some simple stuff with not sub’s under them. I picked up some SD cards gonna look at the how to’s on formatting them then try to put some projects sets together. Got a little gig Oct 10th be really happy to have some drum’s with my small list of songs i know.