Zip files extract

Hello, I have purchased multiple songs or repertoire. The file is in .zip format however when it is unzip it is placed in multiple files with the extension .mid instead of the .sng extension. Some songs are correct but most are not. Thank you for helping me

It would probably be best if you posted a screen shot with an example or two. It is likely that the .mid files are there for your use in editing the song, should you wish to do so. If your purchased a collection of songs, there should be a .pbf file. Note, this is NOT a .pdf. The .pbf file is a file that Beat Buddy Manager views as a folder. To get that into your Beat Buddy, you use the command Import>Folder in Beat Buddy Manager.

Thanks i just had a respond to my question. I was making a mistake when loadin a full folder versus a single song. Sorry about my pour english. Thanks again